The legacy dance competition shows are the most popular type of competition in the UK and are often the most watched shows on TV.

But it’s not just the contestants that have a huge impact on the competition itself.

In recent years, there have been more than a handful of reality competitions, where dancers compete against each other to be crowned the most famous in the country.

Here’s how they compare.


Celebrity Dance Competition: ITV2The competition has always been about the dance and it’s always been a huge part of what we do.

We’re not the first to have competitions about the arts and culture, but the way that they’ve been run has always made the sport accessible to a broader audience.

And the fact that we’ve got people from across the country competing with each other, rather than just a handful from the UK, is really unique.

We were hoping that the competition would become an international phenomenon, and we think that it will.

We think that the success of the show, which we know will be well received around the world, will help promote the idea that there are competitions out there where people from all over the world can compete.

That said, there’s still a huge amount of competition going on in the competitions, which will also help promote that competition.

We’ve been lucky enough to be able to work with some very talented producers to get the show right.

We can’t really give any more details about the show because we haven’t started shooting yet, but it will be one of the biggest challenges for us as we are getting ready to go into production.

We are absolutely thrilled that we can do this and look forward to the challenge.


Dance Competition Live: ITV3It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a live competition.

It’s not as popular as a competition, but there are still many fans who will tune in every week to watch it.

There’s something special about watching a live show.

You get to watch the show as it unfolds, which can be exciting.

But this year, it’s going to be a little different.

There will be no live coverage and the judges will be taking part in the show live from the studios.

The judges have been chosen from a panel of judges from the dance industry and will be able take part in some of the most memorable competitions of the year.

There is a real excitement in seeing the judges take part and getting to see the judges in action.

There are some amazing judges out there and they will be going through some very challenging competitions.

And if they’re able to deliver some spectacular performances, the judges could very well be crowned as the best.

We will be looking for the judges to do really well in their competitions and really shine.


Dance Competitions Live: Channel 4We are currently filming Dance Competations Live for Channel 4.

This will be our first time filming a competition with our own judges.

We have the judges from The Biggest Dance Competition, The Big Dance Challenge and The Big Show.

We’ll be filming in studios around the country and filming in different cities and locations throughout the UK.

We plan to have some great footage for you all to see, but for the moment, we are focusing on the judges.

They will be there with us and we will be filming their performances as they happen.

We look forward as we get to film, filming and editing as many competitions as we can, and getting the judges involved.


Dance Challenge: ITV4We have two Dance Challenge competitions on ITV4, one in Glasgow, Scotland, and one in London, England.

We wanted to be sure that our judges and our fans were ready for this competition, so we made sure that they were fully prepared for this.

We started with a rehearsal in London on Friday evening, with the judges and audience from both competitions arriving on Sunday afternoon.

This gave us time to get some footage for us to shoot.

We got our judges in London in time to film the show on Friday afternoon and the day after.

We then had our judges arrive at the studio in Glasgow on Sunday, with a live rehearsal on Monday morning.

This allowed us to film everything we could before we filmed the show.

We used a range of props to shoot our judges as they did their performances.

We also filmed the judges themselves on Friday morning in a studio, before the show even started.


DanceChallenge: ITV5This is the fourth Dance Challenge we’ve shot so far.

It is the first time we have filmed it live, and it has been a massive success.

It has been incredibly rewarding and the fans are incredibly passionate about it.

It was an incredible experience filming this competition.

You can see some of our favourite footage from the competition below.


Dance Challenges: ITV6This is one of our first Dance Challenges.

This is the only one of its kind on the Channel 4 channel and is a competition