In this article we’ll look at how Apple Watch competes with other smartwatches for performance, health and usability.

The key difference between the Apple Watch and other smartwatch competitors is that the Apple Watches are a much better-looking device than the competitors.

The Apple Watch has an OLED display and it is easy to see how it compares to other smart watches.

The design is a great improvement over the LCD displays on other smarts and the watch also features a water resistance rating that allows you to wear it in shallow water without the risk of catching it.

However, there are drawbacks to the Apple watch design.

The watch is not as water resistant as the other smart devices, the battery life is a bit longer and the battery doesn’t last as long as other smart wearables.

The downside is that some people find the watch difficult to read because of the light backlighting.

So, we’ll go through the pros and cons of using the Applewatch and how it is used in the fitness and fitness trackers category.

Pros and Cons of the AppleWatch Pros Cons Water resistance (1.7mm) Good water resistance for a wristwatch Cons LCD displays may not be the best The screen may not look good for a smartwatch in a water resistant mode The watch has a lot of downsides The watch might not be easy to read in shallow waters or in wet conditions that aren’t ideal for wearing the watch Apple Watch, the Apple brand, and the Watch Series are all trademarks of Apple Inc. We offer no warranty for the Apple products, the software or accessories sold by us.

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