A competitive lumberjack contest has been suspended in Arizona for violating state law.

The Arizona Lumberjacks Association has notified the state’s Office of Administrative Law that the competition was canceled because of the state law against using non-profit organizations to sponsor competitions.

The organization said it had been told by state regulators that it violated the rules on public financing of the competitions and that it would have to pay a fine of $3,000 per day, a figure it said it could not afford.

The association said it would sue if the competition were not canceled.

The Lumberyard Association says it is disappointed with the state licensing and regulation of competitive lumbersports.

They said they would appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court if the state appeals the decision.

Arizona has a state lottery for sports, golf and other recreation, but the Lumberhouse Association said the state is licensing the sport of competitive turf lumberjacking to private companies instead of using the public purse for the competition.

The Lumberheads association said private companies were allowed to sponsor the competition because they are allowed to use non-profits.