Apple Watch users can now easily play and record videos on the watch and even take selfies using the device’s camera.

The update also brings new features to the Apple Watch, including a new emoji keyboard, which lets users add their own characters to emoji pictures and text.

You can also make a video call with the AppleWatch and set the microphone volume level to a specific volume, while Siri will also now recognize and remember your voice.

This will make it easier to use Siri to ask for the next meal, to tell your phone to turn off the camera, or to tell it to start playing music.

The Watch can also recognize and play music on its own if it detects that it’s being played on a compatible music player.

While the new features are nice, the Watch also has some limitations, which are well-documented on the Apple website.

For example, it only supports two apps at a time at a given time, and Apple says it won’t support more than two at a same time unless they’re both installed.

And the Watch will only display pictures on the screen at a certain size, rather than automatically scaling the image.

While this is probably a limitation you can live with for the most part, you can still find the Apple TV to be a handy gaming device, thanks to the ability to connect it to a PC and play games from a single display.

Apple’s new Watch app lets you play games and watch videos on your Watch.

Apple has also launched a new Apple TV app to stream content to the Watch, as well as support for Apple TV remote remotes, making the AppleTV one of the few streaming devices that support the Apple Remote.