DZ, the European robotics competition to be held on Sunday, is the second robotics event to take place in the country, after the RoboGames in 2015.

This time, the prize money is more than €100,000 ($112,000).

The organisers are aiming to get as many teams in the top four places as possible, with the first three teams guaranteed a place in an official competition.

The competition will be held in the German city of Bonn, near the German border, with teams participating in eight events over three days.

The competition will see teams from the US, UK, France, China and China-based company Aruba Robotics compete in the final of the Robot Challenge competition.

This is the first robotics event held in Europe since the opening of the International Robot Challenge in 2020.

This year, the competition will take place from August 10 to August 18 in Germany.

The final will take two weeks, from August 21 to 28, in the Austrian city of Wien.