There are two singing competitions that are taking place in Melbourne.

The M5 Singing Competition and the Aussie Singing Competitions.

The M5 competition is taking place on August 15th at the University of Melbourne, while the AUS competition takes place on September 12th.

The AUS singing competition has been running for several years now and will be the largest Australian singing competition to date.

It is a very popular singing competition for students and has become an important event for many students.

There are around 2,500 students participating in the competition.

There are also two other singing competitions in Sydney and Canberra.

The Aussie Competition takes place every year at Sydney’s Opera House and Canberra’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

The first AUS Singing competition took place in September last year and saw around 2.5 million participants attend.

It was the largest singing competition in Australia.