Competition is back in Putnam, as the company seeks to get the top five categories up for bidding in the 2018 Putnam Big Five competition.

Putnam is seeking a bidding fee of $3.9 million for the five categories, which include “Big Five”, “New Zealand” and “Australia” as well as “Best of New Zealand” or “Best Of Australia”.

The company said the bids will be made public once the competition is complete.

“The key to winning this Putnam competition is to ensure we get the right value for the money,” Putnam Chief Executive Officer Paul Waddington said in a statement.

“Our goal is to secure the top ten Putnam categories that will bring the world’s best in innovation, business, art, music, design, fashion and beauty.”

Mr Waddingham said the bid for the Big Five would be open to public bidding.

“We want to get this right for the consumer and we want to put the best companies on the market for the consumers to choose from,” he said.

“This is an opportunity to put our money where our mouth is, where the consumers’ money is.”

The competition is part of a push by the company to attract the attention of the international market, as well the attention from governments and corporations.

The competition aims to increase the number of entries for the big five categories by giving the public a chance to enter.

Putna said it was aiming to win the competition by 2019, although it would not say how long it would take.

Mr Wadsworth said Putnam wanted to “reignite the passion” of the public bidding process, which was now open.

“Putnam has had a long-standing partnership with the New Zealand government, with its New Zealand-based team of top talent, and is proud to have been one of the first companies to bring that talent to New Zealand,” he added.

“New Zebers are hungry to win this competition and we hope to see Putnam take it up as an example for all New Zealanders.”