A competition to create a portable vaporizer that can be used in conjunction with a vaping device will be held in Las Vegas from September 28-31.

The Nevada Gaming Commission announced Monday that the Vaporize Vaporizer Competition is one of five competitions scheduled to take place across the state this year.

The Las Vegas-based Vaporize is seeking entries for the Vaporizer Challenge, which is scheduled to begin on Friday and run through Sunday.

The competition will be a virtual event.

The Vaporize vaporizer competition is the largest and longest running competition in the state.

The contest’s goal is to foster the growth of the vaping industry in Nevada.

The competition will take place at the NVCC Convention Center.

The deadline for entries is September 15.

The winners will receive a prize of $5,000 and the runner-up will receive $2,500.

Participants will be able to vape at the competition and compete against one another.

They’ll be able take their devices out of their bags and put them in their own bag for testing.

Each participant will have a chance to be the first to test the device and then submit their device to the competition.

The winner of each competition will also receive a $1,000 prize.

Vaporizers are portable devices that use a battery that can last up to 30 days.

The devices are typically small and portable, but they can also be very large and can be made into something that can hold up to a full size carton.

The Vape is a vaporizer, which means it uses the power of the sun to produce vapors, which can be inhaled or inhaled through a vapor filter.

The company that created the vaporizer and the company that is partnering with it, Rave Vaporizer, are also partnering on the Vaporate competition.

Vape and Rave will sponsor the competition, according to the Nevada Gaming commission.

The Las Vegas Convention Center is one venue for the event.

The contest has been a staple in the vape industry for many years.

The last contest was held in August.

Vaping competitors have also won competitions in other states.

In 2015, a competitor won the competition in New Jersey, and in 2016, a competing company won a $2.5 million prize in New York.

The two other winners in the competition are Rave and Vaporize.