The battle over who owns the music business is back in the news after a year that saw many artists fall out of favor with major labels, artists being forced to leave labels or be forced to negotiate with other record labels, and a number of smaller labels leaving the industry.

With the end of the 2017 music industry blackout and the reopening of Pandora and Spotify, the battle between the music industry and artists is again heating up.

Many artists have been left wondering whether they’ll be able to get their music back on the streaming service, with many artists saying they’ll have to do everything they can to get back into the music game.

“It’s like having two parties fighting over who gets to play on the field,” said New York City rapper Lil Wayne in an interview with The Huffington Post.

“The music industry has decided to be the one that’s going to get to play, and the artists are gonna have to go through a process that they never had before.

It’s just really confusing for everybody.”

The problem isn’t limited to the music streaming service either.

In 2016, a study from the Recording Industry Association of America found that streaming music revenues have declined nearly 30% since 2009.

“I can’t blame anyone for wanting to go back into music, I can blame the artists,” said Lil Wayne.

“I don’t blame the music world at all.

We are the biggest business in the world, we make the music, we sell the music.

It just depends on who gets in.

The music business has decided they want to make money and they want the artists to make a living off of it.

So I think that’s the main issue.

The artists have to pay a price to get in, but the artists have got to make sure that they’re willing to make that sacrifice.”

While the industry has a strong hand at controlling the music marketplace, artists can’t do much to control how they’re marketed.

Artists are also not allowed to directly negotiate with labels.

“The music world can’t even make the best of a bad situation, and I don’t think we can either,” said singer Beyonce.

“You’ve got to go out there and make music and make people want to hear it.

But there are so many different people making the music that we just can’t be involved.

We can’t make that happen.

I think a lot of people don’t understand how big the industry is, and they think the music has to be in the hands of just the major labels.””

The artists are not really involved in the music itself, and you can’t tell the artist that they have to put their music out there to get any money,” said Beyonce in an October interview with MTV News.

“There’s a lot more to it than just making a record.”

While Beyonce is right that it’s difficult to get your music on streaming services, there are ways artists can leverage their platform to promote their music, and to promote themselves.

Beyonce and other artists who are releasing new music through platforms like SoundCloud and SoundCloud Radio are often the first ones to put out new music to fans.

Artists can then direct fans to their music on YouTube and Spotify.

“It’s really not about me.

It really is about the fans,” said Kanye West in an August interview with BET.

“They’re really the biggest influencers and they have the biggest influence on what we’re making.

The reason I say it’s really important for artists to be involved is because they are the ones that have to be part of it, because otherwise it doesn’t work.

The fans are the people who can’t get a job and the music is not going to be heard because the artists aren’t involved.

And they’re the ones who have to make the sacrifices.”

But it’s not just artists who want to go on the road and promote their own music.

The Billboard Music Awards is a yearly showcase for musicians and music labels.

The event airs live on Sunday nights at 9 p.m.

ET on the CBS broadcast network.

In 2017, many artists and labels were forced to abandon plans to play at the event because of a lack of sponsorship, according to the Billboard 200.

Billboard’s 2017 Billboard 200 artists list shows that only eight artists from the major music labels made the list.

“If I’m a music company, I’m not going anywhere because I think it’s the right thing to do,” said Selena Gomez.

“We just wanna go ahead and play and make more money off of our own talent.”

As the industry continues to battle over which is best for artists, the debate is also heating up about whether artists should be compensated for what they do with their music.

Many of the artists that have been able to reach deals with streaming services have also been able the cash for their work.

Beyoncé and Lil Wayne have both been granted a lucrative contract with Spotify that gives them a salary that exceeds what