The world’s biggest food processor, Agriprocessors, has a new competition show that it hopes will boost global awareness of the dangers of air pollution.

The Singing Competition, which is slated to start in the fall, is being billed as the world`s largest indoor singing competition.

The competition combines a variety of activities, such as music, storytelling and art, to showcase the power of sustainable farming.

The competition is expected to draw more than 100,000 participants, many of them from the United States and other countries.

It will be held at the New York Stock Exchange on October 7.

The venue will be the AgriProcessors’ plant in New Jersey, said the company in a statement.

It will be hosted by the National Audubon Society and the National Geographic Society.

It is also the first time the competition has been held in the United Kingdom, the company said.

“It`s going to be a fantastic event,” Agri Processors CEO Michael W. O’Sullivan told CNN in a phone interview.

“It`ll bring attention to this issue.”

The company is looking to recruit a group of local artists to perform at the show, the statement said.

The company also plans to expand its production capacity and build an artificial turf field for the contest.

“Agriprocessions is one of the fastest-growing food companies in the world,” O’Malley said.

“We are doing something that can help change the way we produce food, improve food quality, and create jobs in this industry.”

The New York event is part of a growing trend among food companies to launch competitions to raise awareness of their products.

The Singing competition is the latest example.

The U.K. Food Standards Agency recently issued a warning that air pollution can be harmful to human health.

The first Singing contest was held in 2015 in London, and it attracted more than 200,000 spectators.

The show was not advertised, but attendees were required to wear masks, as part of the rules.