CNN is bringing back the competition for the 2020 m1 and m2 Overwatch competitions.

The networks are partnering with two organizations to produce a new weekly esports competition called the 2020 M2 Competition.

The event, which kicks off on March 5, will feature four teams competing for a total of $20,000.

The teams will compete against each other in a $1,000 cash prize pool and will face off in a best-of-three series.

In addition to the Overwatch team, each team will have its own player for the season.

The format is expected to be similar to the two-week Overwatch Open event in March.

Teams will play for one of two spots in the first two weeks, while the rest of the teams compete in a three-week round robin.

In the first week, teams will play three games against each of the other teams.

In the second week, they will play one game against each team, and then in the third week they will face one team off for the final spot.

In total, there will be 14 teams competing in the eight-team competition.

The finals will be played on April 5, with the winner of that final match getting $20k.

For the time being, all teams have been placed in the “A” group, meaning that there are a total 16 teams in the pool, with teams placed in that group getting $5,000 each.

The 2018 Overwatch Open was a big success, and while many teams have improved their Overwatch play, this will be the first time teams are facing off in this competitive mode.

In order to participate, teams must submit their Overwatch profiles to one of the three organizations, which is why the Overwatch teams have decided to go through the process of making sure they are qualified to compete.

The teams will be split into two groups, with each team playing a maximum of six matches.

The matches will be done in a standard format, with a standard 3v3 format.

In case of a tie, a three map pool will be used.

If two teams fall to the same level, they can drop from the group.

Teams are limited to one Overwatch player per team.

The final match of the season will be held on March 4.

The 2020 M1 and M2 Competitive Overwatch competition will be a two-team tournament.

The first team to win four games in the group stage will advance to the semifinals.

The winner of the semifinals will then play against the winner from the other group to determine who will be crowned the champion of the 2020 Overwatch Open.

The championship will be decided by a best of five series, with two matches of each map in the playoffs.

The team that gets to face off against the champion from the 2020 Open will be awarded $10,000 and a spot in the Overwatch Championship Series (OCS), which will be announced in May.