Reddit’s competitive cycling community is getting back into the viral game after losing its title as the most-trafficked website on the platform last year.

In January, the site was the most popular on the site, according to Google Trends, and had the largest traffic of any website on Google in the U.S. The traffic spiked in February as it hosted the annual Reddit AMA, which has become a popular place for users to ask the site’s most popular questions.

The community has since moved to a new subreddit called r/competitivecycling, and Reddit is planning to expand the program in the coming weeks.

The move is part of a larger strategy to boost user engagement with the site and make it more popular with more new users.

“We’re really excited about what this community has become, especially since we moved it into the subreddit,” said CEO Yishan Wong.

“As more people join the community, we’re getting more people to visit the subreddit, which makes it more relevant for the userbase and the community overall.”

Wong said Reddit is looking at a new category to add to the competitive community that would include a “social feed,” which would provide links to other users’ posts and a community calendar with a variety of posts and events from around the world.

The company is also planning to add a weekly cycling news blog to the new category, as well as other features, Wong said.

The new category will be able to display links to posts from other subreddits, like r/ranks and r/tuesdaynightrides.