Two guns vs two guns.

That’s the official definition of the competitive gun category in the new season of the hit TV show The Americans, which airs on ABC next week.

But it’s a little bit harder than you might think.

Here’s a quick refresher: A competitive gun is a gun that’s “made of metal, wood, or plastic,” meaning that it is intended to fire one shot at a time.

The word is actually derived from the words “combo” and “gun,” which means to fire multiple shots.

This definition, however, does not distinguish between a “gun” that fires two shots, or a “bullet” that shoots a single shot.

The definition also does not differentiate between a muzzle brake and a muzzle blast.

(In the first episode, the team of FBI agents tries to convince the Bureau that a “firing-arm” has two guns, but that isn’t what they’re shooting.)

In the show’s first episode “Stonewall,” which aired in May 2018, the FBI agent played by Matthew Rhys-Davies tells a story about a team of agents who find a man with a machine gun.

The man then uses the machine gun to kill two people, including one of his own agents.

(This episode was also the first to use a new term for the competition category.)

The agents then try to track down the machine guns.

As you might expect, the guns that win the most competitions are often the ones that have the most “lots of competition,” the FBI’s website explains.

“The competition category is an important tool for law enforcement to improve the safety and effectiveness of their firearms and provide a sense of competition to officers,” the site says.

“As a result, many police departments across the country have begun to adopt this category to promote the safety of their officers and community members.”

The most competitive guns in The Americans’ season are a variety of high-powered pistols, including the Glock 18, the Beretta 92FS, and the Berettas P220, among others.

The guns are typically fitted with silencers.

(The P220 is the only one that’s a silencer, and you can’t use it to fire rounds of ammunition.)

Some of the guns in the show, like the Glock, feature an M16 style magazine.

That means that it can hold more rounds, which can help reduce the recoil of a bullet.

But the Berets P220 does not, so the magazine is not an actual gun.

The guns that don’t win the competition, however.

“We’ve seen some great guns come out of the competition and not be the most competitive, so it’s always a challenge to try and figure out how to incorporate those into a show,” showrunner Joe Weisberg told The Hollywood Reporter last year.

“There are some guns that are just so incredibly powerful, so much more powerful than any other gun, that they don’t want to be considered competitive.”

In this season’s first installment, the series tries to keep the “competitive” nature of the season to a minimum.

“I think there’s some of a fear of making it too competitive,” Weisburg said, explaining that the show “really tries to have the characters be the stars of the show.

The show’s goal is to be very honest with our characters and really tell their stories.”

The showrunners have also said that The Americans is not a reality show.

“No, we’re not going to be trying to sell you on a show about what happens on the streets of America,” showrunners Joe Weisenberg and Joe Weitz added in a statement last year, noting that the team is “very serious about it.”

In the new episode, two of the three main guns used in the episode are also played by characters from The Americans.

One of them is the Glock.

“The pistol that was used in this episode was the Beretto P220,” Weisenburg told THR last year about the gun that he played.

“It’s a very powerful, high-performing gun.

We had a lot of people on set who had to deal with the Beretti and the P220.

They all have really incredible personalities, so when they come into the room and they see what the character is going through and what the challenge is, they are all blown away by that.”

The other gun is the Bereta 92FS.

Weisenburger explained that he shot this gun “for the sole purpose of showing that this is a high-caliber gun.”

“I’m not trying to say that it’s the ultimate weapon, but I think it’s powerful and accurate,” he said.

“For a show that deals with a lot more of these guns, I think that that’s really important.”

Weisberg said that “if we wanted to do a show with more guns than we do, we’d be