How to win the ‘Best Of Show’ competition in the Google ad network competition?

Read moreThe winner will be announced in a Google+ post and will receive the top ranking in the search results. 

In a tweet, Google confirmed the competition. 

“Our search team is looking forward to seeing you in the contest and to giving you a big shoutout for winning it,” Google said in a post.

“The best ad placement is still up to you to decide and we look forward to welcoming you into our world.”

It is not clear whether the ad will be featured in the show.

The contest will feature two categories: Top Ad Rank and Best Ad Show.

The Google Ad Rank will be based on the number of clicks, likes and shares, while the Google Ad Show will look at the number and quality of results, Google said.

“Google will provide its best ad placements for its ads on the Google search results, so that we can provide the most relevant results and ads for our users,” Google told ET.