Here at The Irish Time, we love competitive BMX competition.

We are all competitive.

It is the reason why we love BMX.

There is nothing better than competing against others and seeing how they can beat you.

Here at Team Battle, we are competitive in our own way.

If you are not, we want to be the best.

If we have something you think we should be good at, we will give it a shot.

Our competitive spirit has shown itself again and again.

We have been racing BMX and BMX-style BMX all over Ireland.

In fact, our first BMX event was held in Galway in November 2016.

We competed against our friends from The Drummondstown BMX Club in a competition against them.

We had some great performances.

In the end, we won the title.

We took the crown.

Here’s how we got there: We started our BMX career in 2015 when we started our training program.

We worked hard on our skills, getting faster and stronger.

This year, we took the time to make some improvements and to get back to where we wanted to be.

At the end of the year, there was a huge push to make it to the final.

We all took the plunge and we finished second.

We were very excited and happy to finally show the world that we could compete against the best in the world.

We got into the BMX scene in 2015, competing against each other in a few tournaments, but we never felt like we had a real shot at winning.

We always wanted to get closer to our goal of winning a title.

In 2016, we had the opportunity to compete in the Dublin BMX Challenge, but our BMx experience didn’t go as planned.

In 2017, we competed in the Irish BMX Championships, but things did not go as we planned.

We did our best and did well, but it was not enough.

We knew we had to do better.

This past year, our motivation and desire to win came back, and it is why we came to The Drummonds, Galway, to try our best.

This is the beginning of our next BMX journey.

This competition will be our first shot at a title and we know that we can do it.

We can only hope that the team and the competition will give us the opportunity and we will have a good showing.

Here are the four riders competing this year: Raghavan O’Malley, Team Battle (Dublin)