The first thing you need to know about Pokemon GO is that it’s not really a game at all.

You’ll need to build up your base of friends, unlock new Pokemon, and, eventually, earn enough points to unlock your very own Pokemon.

If you’re a first-time player, it may be tough to figure out exactly how to unlock all the Pokemon, but here are the best ways to get started.1.

Earn points for completing objectives.

If it’s something you want to do, you’ll want to be able to earn a certain amount of points by completing specific tasks.

The more objectives you complete, the higher your chances of unlocking a specific Pokemon, so be sure to collect all the badges and get the most points.2.

Learn to use your new Pokemon’s moveset.

This will be crucial in order to take on challenging challenges like the Tower of Mastery or Capture the Flag.

You won’t be able “training” your Pokemon until you’ve gotten the hang of how they operate.

To learn more about this process, check out our guide to getting the most out of the Pokemon GO app.3.

Get a few badges.

Each new Pokemon you acquire will unlock a badge, and badges are earned by completing missions in Pokemon GO.

This is important to get the hang for, as you’ll need badges to unlock Pokemon inside the Tower and Battle Tower.

You can also earn badges by completing objectives outside of Pokemon GO, like completing the Elite Tower.4.

Start training.

This part is where you’ll really start to take advantage of your new badge.

To earn badges, you need more time than you’ll likely have available.

You should start out training early on, as Pokemon GO only lets you start training from the moment you first get a new Pokemon.

Training at night is the best time to start, as there are fewer people around.

To get the best rewards from your Pokemon, start training at dusk, and you’ll start seeing more rewards.


Catch all the Pokemons you can.

There’s no point in spending a day hunting for the rarest Pokemon, because there’s only so much you can do in Pokemon Go.

Instead, you should start catching Pokemon on a regular basis.

The best way to catch all the rare Pokemon is to catch a single Pokemon per day, and then add the number of days until the next Pokemon you catch to your total.

Once you have a couple dozen Pokemon in your gym, start catching more.

You don’t want to spend hours hunting for Pokemon, you want hours catching them, which is where the gym system comes in.6.

Catch more.

If your Pokemon is really rare, you may want to consider trading them in for another.

Trading Pokemon is very simple, but there are some important steps to consider.

If a Pokemon is more valuable than you think it is, it will probably not be worth keeping.

To catch more Pokemon, it’s best to have your Pokemon in the same gym, and have your friend and trainer catch it first.

Once your friend catches it, you can then trade it to your friend.

The trade-in process will give you the most valuable Pokemon at the end of the day.

If the Pokemon you traded in was less valuable, you might be able just to trade it in for more.

This strategy is a great way to get your Pokemon into the Tower, Battle Tower, and Capture the flag.7.

Train more.

Trainers and Pokemon are both fun, but trainers don’t get rewarded for doing all the work.

To keep your Pokemon going, you have to earn points through different activities.

You earn points by leveling up, collecting items, and completing missions.

To find out more about how to earn badges in Pokemon, check our guide.8.

Catch as many Pokemon as you can on your first day.

In order to get as many badges as possible, you will have to catch Pokemon that are rare enough to warrant the best Pokemon collection.

This requires you to find rare Pokemon and then train them in your Pokemon Gym.

To capture Pokemon that you don’t have, you must find and train all of the rare and higher Pokemon that spawn in your region.

The catch limit on Pokemon GO will help you get started, as each catch counts toward your badge total.9.

Train a few more times.

If Pokemon Go is your first game and you’ve got the time, it’ll be worth it to spend a few hours catching Pokemon.

You will get more rewards for capturing a few Pokemon per session.

If, on the other hand, you’re not as experienced, or you’re just starting out, you could just get rid of all the trainers.

Once all the people have gathered, you don.t have to worry about catching any of them.10.

Get some more badges.

If all of your badges are full, you’ve probably reached the limit of how many Pokemon you can collect. The goal