Here’s a quick recap of the week’s biggest TV drama twists and turns.


The Bachelor is back!

The show was originally scheduled to air at the end of August but was pushed back to the end, presumably to make way for the new season.

Now, it’s back, and it’s the most eagerly awaited since it was announced last year that the Bachelor franchise would be going to the USA.

The season, however, is a bit different from the one we saw a couple of seasons ago.

The original Bachelor, hosted by Sam Simon, lasted for 10 seasons on ABC before the US version of the show aired.

Since then, the franchise has been in limbo, with various versions airing across the country.

While most of the original cast returned for the current season, some of the returning contestants had to be redone to accommodate the new show’s storyline.

Simon is still the host, but the show’s producers are looking to rebrand the show to make it more like the reality show he once hosted.


‘Bachelorette’ season six premieres on Tuesday night.

After some initial drama, the show will be back to normal on Tuesday, September 9.

We’ll also be getting a few big-name returning players from season five.

That’s all we need to know about the new series.


The US version will be called Bachelor in Paradise and the UK version is titled The Bachelorett.

There will also be some differences between the US and UK versions.

The new Bachelor will be in a different time period, which will make it slightly easier to predict when it will air.

The show’s UK version, meanwhile, will focus on the American Bachelor, with a much younger audience than the original.

The American version will focus mostly on dating, with the British version focusing on the Bachelor’s relationship with the girl next door.


The UK version of The Bachelor will air on the BBC in September.

The BBC is set to air the show on Wednesday, September 10, which makes it a little more likely that the new episode will air in the UK than the US.

It will also likely air later in the week in the US than the UK, which is a big deal considering the show was filmed in London.


Bachelor in Exile is returning to the US after three seasons.

After a brief hiatus, the Bachelor in Hell was picked up by Fox on October 19 and is scheduled to return on November 8.

There are also some hints about when the show might return.

If you’re in the mood for some Bachelor in Heaven (which is just what you want to be after the Bachelor finale), then you can check out the latest episodes of The Bachelor on Tuesday.


The winner of the next season of The Celebrity Apprentice is getting another shot at the job.

The reality show, which was filmed over the last two seasons, is set for an 11th season this fall.

This means that if the show wins a new season, it’ll be the third season in a row that we’re getting another chance at the coveted job.


The latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter airs tonight on FX.

The first two seasons were all shot at Atlanta.

This season, UFC stars Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes will fight at UFC 206.

The main event will be a heavyweight battle between Frankie Edgar and Urijah Faber.


In case you missed it, The Bachelor airs on ABC at 8 p.m.

ET/PT every Wednesday.

Watch it all here.

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